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DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60% True RGB Backlit Bluetooth 4.0 Wired/Wireless LED Computer Keyboard for Multi-Device iPhone Android Mobile PC La

MULTI-DEVICE WIRELESS BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD – DIERYA wireless Bluetooth keyboard supports up to three bluetooth devices simultaneously and easily switch between them. Work well with Windows 2000/xp/win7/8/10, iOS, Android 4.4 at least, Mac operating systems
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Anti-Ghosting Keys

Our Dierya gaming keys provide  comfort with better housing support compared to rubber dome keyboards,
so every keypress is solid. With each stroke, experience full key travel and responsiveness so you can be assured of striking with deadly precision no matter what game you play.

Ergonomic Design

Dierya keyboard is ergonomic design 
for long-term comfortable use.
Ergonomically designed key caps will reduce fatigue during long period of play. Special padding on keyboard to add stability. High-quality ABS construction to  improve durability.   


Recharging Battery

This gaming keyboard is built in recharging
18650 battery. Sustainable use of electricity
for 100 hours .With a micro-usb data line *1PCS, used for wire connection and charging. Support WIN keys locked or full keys locked and no conflict when all switches are pressed at the same time.




Dual mode connection

This keyboard is designed with dual mode connection (Wireless and Wired Mode)

USB Wired Mode: Connects the cable to the computer, the keyboard will automatically convert to the wired mode.

Wireless Mode: Press key: "FN+Q/W/E" to connect the bluetooth device, (Press "FN+ Q/W/E" for 6 seconds long, the bluetooth is in the pairing status, the indicator light is flashing. Short press FN+Q/W/E, the bluetooth ikeyboard enters the reconnecting status, the indicator light slowly flashes. {For example, the 1 key has been paired, the 2rd key has not been matched, then long pressing 2rd key for 6 seconds, then the 2rd corresponding indicator goes into flash, and goesing into pairing status. If paired 2rd needed, please close the 1st paired device.}


10m Effective Range

Wireless bluetooth can reach a 10m effective range. You can stay at bed or sofa freely to remote your notebook pc. It will auto sleep after 3 minutes, which lowers battery power to a large extent

Operating System: Wired support windows 2000/xp/win 7 8 10, android, MAC.

wireless Support WIN 8 and above. IOS Android over 4.4 MAC



Dimension: 293*101*39 mm(11*4*3.9*2 inch) Net Weight: 0.7kg

Key Life: >50 million times

Operating Voltage: 3.7V

Built-in 1500mA lithium battery

Charging Time: 3 hours

Keycap Type: Suspension Keycaps          dual spray Interface Type: Bluetooth or USB Port

Package Included: 1 x Keyboard / 1 x key puller / 1 x Removable USB cable/ 1 x User manual               

RGB Light

Dierya kb63 keyboard has 7 color light to adjust the led backlit. (White/purple/blue/yellow/red/green/light blue)

FN+ /? (key): adjust the backlit you like. Signle backlit 7 color or Mulitcolor RGB led backlit

FN+ up/down (arrow key): adjust the led backlit light brightness

FN+space(key): light effect suspension play FN+S: DIY the light you would like. (Press FN+s, the indicator flashes, you can diy the other keys you like, press the key multi-time to choose the one you want. Press FN+S again, recording DIY completed. Flash stopping.

Bluetooth Connection Instruction


1) Open the switch back of the keyboard: ON

2) Open the bluetooth switch on your device

3) Press the keyboard FN+ Q/W/E to match the bluetooth for 6 seconds.

4) Search mobile the bluetooth device called " DIERYA"

5) Click " DIERYA" to matching with the keyboard

6) Bluetooth pairing request: mibile device will show a bluetooth pairing NUMBER.

7) press the number code required on the keyboard

8) Completed Pairing. You can use the bluetooth wireless function now

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